New church building

Sunday Service in the New Church Building

Finally done! Starting from Sunday, September 29th, all of our church services and other activities will be held in our new church building (Windmüllerstraße 22, 59557 Lippstadt). We are thankful to God and very excited to be able to move in to our new building after long weeks of renovation. Our Sunday service will start at 10:30 as usual. There is plenty of public parking available. We do have a church parking lot, but would like to reserve those spots close to the building for people with disabilities. Both, our main sanctuary and the café, are accessible for people with disabilities.

Pastor David Guzik visiting Calvary Chapel Lippstadt!

On Wednesday 29.11.2017 at 19:00.

David Guzik is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, California. Before that he served as director and teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Germany, following more than 20 years of pastoral ministry. He currently serves now as a pastor of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara. David has been happy to be part of the Blue Letter Bible community for more than 10 years. He publishes a weekly Inspiration by E-mail by subscription, and has excellent teaching tools at their website.

Visit the Enduring Word website for books, software, and tapes by Pastor Guzik.

Enduring Word Website

Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara Website


Donations for a minivan and youth retreat

More and more refugees have joined our fellowship throughout the past months. Many of them attend our regular Sunday service. Around 25 people attend our Farsi service on Sunday afternoon. They are involved in the fellowship and a great blessing to us. Many of them come with their children and teenagers.

Some of the refugees live far away from our church and have no transportation available to them. For this reason we are planning to buy a minivan, to be able to pick them up for the different church events thorough the week.

Another concern are 14 teenagers from different backgrounds, whom we would like to send to a youth retreat this summer. These teenagers come from refugee families or families who cannot afford to pay for a summer camp. We still need more finances to send all of them.

We are asking for your support for both of these projects. If you want to make a donation, please use the following banking information

Volksbank Lippstadt, IBAN: DE23 4166 0124 0786 9497 00, BIC: GENODEM1LPS

Or via PayPal

More information on:

Please note „minivan“ or „youth retreat“ on your donation. For donation receipts please send your full name and address to .

Refugee summer camp

In the past moths we have had more and more refugees attending our church. Just this past week we had a family of five taking a bus to come 25 km to attend our Iranian church service.

Every other week we have a second service in Farsi and as of now there are 25-30 regular attendants. Many of the refugees from different countries have been coming regularly to our Sunday service, as well as to other church meetings. They are actively involved in church life and have been a blessing to our fellowship. Many of them come with their children and teenagers.

It is on our hearts to send those refugee kids to attend summer camps. We have 14 teenagers, we would like to see going on a youth camp at the Calvary Chapel castle in Austria. There are four younger kids we would like to send to a christian summer camp in our area. We would love to see all those kids enjoying christian fellowship, hearing the gospel and hopefully decide to follow Christ, if they have not taken this step yet.

These kids come from refugee families and some are from poor families, who can not afford to go to summer camp. We got some funds from the city council, but we still need to raise more money.

If you would like to financially support this missions project, please find out banking information here. Please make sure to note „summer camp or mission“ on your donation.

Thank you for your generosity and thank you for partnering with us in this mission project. May God bless you”


Rolf Crede


Calvary Chapel Conference 2017

Calvary Chapel Conference 2017.  Register now!

Hello everyone, we wish you a blessed New Year and Gods Grace upon you in 2017. We want to remind you to save the date for the CCK 17 conference in May 23rd -26th here in Siegen/Germany. The theme to this year`s conference will be “to the nations” . More details on topics, speakers, flyers, costs, etc. will be announced later. We are looking forward to another blessed conference with you and the team of CC Santa Barbara /USA.

The conference team CC Siegen