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Year is soon coming to an end - Letter of Larry and Christa Janz

Dear Regina, Rolf, dear church family,

Our year is soon coming to an end, but before that happens, we will be able to celebrate the birthday of our Saviour. We love this time, and we rejoice that we can enjoy it with lots of candle light and with deep gratitude to our heavenly Father for the gift of His Son! This is the greatest gift, we ever received!

But there are other gifts that our heavenly Father has given us!

One of them is you! You have again walked with us throughout this past year, and you have stood with us with your financial gifts. We shall never take this for granted, and daily, as we have our devotions together, you are being prayed for and our gratitude to God for your faithfulness is expressed! Our desire is that He will richly reward you for your love to Him and to us, according to His riches in Glory! That is a whole lot, isn’t it?

You will have received our Christmas letter, so all the news, which we had, was written down in it. Nothing much has happened, since we mailed it, so all that is left to say is that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for working alongside us in the ministry, which we are still allowed to do. We cherish you and praise God for your friendship.

We wish you a very blessed and wonderful Christmas with your loved-ones. May the festivities, in which we participate, be honoring and glorifying to Him.

Also, we wish you a blessed New Year. We do not know, what it will hold for each of us, but we know the One, Who holds our future in His hands. That is confidence with a capital “C” !

We love you and send our heartiest wishes to you!

Larry and Christa Janz

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