C a l v a r y  C h a p e l  L i p p s t a d t

Dear Friends,

The time has finally come. Our new venue in Cappelstrasse 37 for Sunday services and childrens' ministry is ready to be renovated. There is much to do:

Walls have to be built and wall-papered, a wooden podium needs to be built and carpeted, we need to paint and decorate the rooms and hang curtains and get the childrens' rooms ready. In phase 2 (April) we will be completing the childrens' rooms and the cafe. 

In our old meeting place in Bruederstrasse 4 we need to pack crockery, dismantle the oven and sink and put everything on a trailer. Furthermore we will be celebrating our first commissioning service on 17 January 2010. Eugen and Elena Willer will be going to Calvary Chapel Siegen Bible School for two years in preparation for full-time ministry. Please also pray for two new childrens' ministry leaders as we will be losing Eugen and Elena who are holding these positions at current.

All in all, there's also a financial challenge. We have had a professional photo of the church kids taken and converted into a 267 piece puzzle. Every piece of the puzzle is worth around 40 Euros (55 USD). The children assembled the photo. Thus far we've had around 50 pieces donated to us. 

Please pray for us for the spiritual growth of the congregation and that the love of Christ will be more and more evident in peoples' lives. 

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